"I highly recommend Jamie Bott as a reading tutor. After wasting thousands of dollars and 1 year on so called specialists advertised on TV and teachers who earn extra money tutoring, Ms. Jamie in less than a year took my daughter from a first to a fourth grade reading level. She is now in second grade, and reading, writing, and spelling multisyllabic words and paragraphs with fluency and ease. 

When Ms. Jamie began with my daughter she could barely sound out the word cat and scored in the low 40's on the SAT's. Her last SAT score was 99. My daughter loves to read and is at the top of her class." 

Jean Trescott, PhD, RN, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Weston Reading Tutor
"Thank you Mrs. Bott for teaching my daughter to write an organized six paragraph essay. She received a top score on Florida Writes!  She now has a skill that will benefit her throughout life."

Mrs. S. Chackman, Hollywood, Florida

"In her private practice, Mrs. Bott utilizes a majority of the reading programs recommended by Broward County Reading and Exceptional Student Education Departments and has been trained in Wilson, Lindamood Bell's Lips, Seeing Stars, Visualizing Verbalizing and Stevenson Learning Programs to mention only a few. She has worked with children with learning disabilities in reading and taken them to a point where they become the strongest readers in their class, and in many instances surpassing their peers. Children who have difficulty writing a grammatical sentence quickly learn how to write six paragraph essays that stun their parents and teachers. Jamie Bott's caring, devotion to her students and her tireless efforts work and work quickly. Standardized test scores are the proof positive of her student's success." 

Diane Iscovitz, Varying Exceptionality Educator, Broward Schools
"My daughter was struggling in reading and received poor scores on her SAT test in 1st grade. Being a reading teacher myself, I knew she needed extra help in order to be successful in school and it had to come from an outside person. After looking at different options I decided to place her in tutoring with Ms. Jamie. In less than 9 months I have watched my daughter develop confidence and enthusiasm toward school, get better grades, have fewer homework struggles and find a new love for reading. I can’t say enough about Ms. Jamie. She has been a true blessing in my daughter’s life."

Maria Delgado
Reading Resource Teacher
Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary

My son started working with a tutor for reading in kindergarten. I had three tutors in three years and there was very little change in my son's reading ability. Jamie Bott, in a period of four months, had my son reading on grade level. It has been amazing for me to work with my son and view the progress he has made in reading. He got a 90% on his SAT's. 

In addition, to my son reading on grade level, my son loves going to tutoring sessions with Mrs. Bott. Jamie Bott is amazing with children. The combination of her reading program and her personality provides a wonderful experience for a child who struggles with reading.

Thank you so much. I am so grateful.

Mrs. Gina Catone

Ms. Jamie,

I wanted to tell you that Ryan told us the other night that you have helped him "a lot". He said that he loves to reading now because "Ms. Jamie gave me more confidence". We can't thank you enough for all that you have done to help Ryan in reading. This guy can't get enough chapter books now! More than reading, however, you have given him confidence and self-esteem! Thank you for all you are doing to help him. We are so very grateful :)

Thanks a bunch,

Erine and Craig CalaDavie, Florida
Erine and Craig Cala
 "I just have to take the time out of my day from seeing patients and tell you how grateful I am for all you've done for Lia. 

Last year, she stopped reading and started saying how she hated to read. Now, with just increasing her speed and vocabulary, she loves to read. She is literally reading 2-3 books a week and they're not thin. I love seeing her with her nose in a book. She is even asking to stay up late to finish a book and loves going to the library to get more books. 

I feel so sad that I didn't start with you earlier. I dream of winning the lottery and paying for every poor child who can't read to learn from you."

Thank you so much,
Lia's mom
"My son has flourished under Mrs.Bott's tutoring and no longer has difficulty in reading because of all your expertise. He loves to read and has exceeded all of our expectations."  

Mrs. Matthews, Weston, Florida
"When my daughter finished kindergarten, she was hardly reading any words. Over the summer I tried various online programs to help her learn to read, but nothing seemed to be working. I did some research and called around, and a lot of the tutors were using the programs that I was trying at home. I knew she needed something different. 

 I found Jamie Bott’s name off the internet and gave her a call. I knew just from speaking with her that she would be taking a more thorough approach. She began by giving her a detailed test and spent time going over the results with me.  

My daughter was very enthusiastic about doing the homework, and I saw improvement shortly after starting the sessions. We’ve been going for 8 months now and she is reading above grade level."

Julie West

Below is an email my son’s 2nd grade teacher sent to me – without a doubt, it validates the tremendous progress he has made by working with you! From 1st grade, where he struggled and had a significant lack of confidence, to now, placed in the highest reading group.

"I gave your son a one on one inventory test called the Rigby. It measures reading level and we are required to give it in the beginning, middle and end of the year. The reason he needed to read so many books is because the level that he was placed on in the records that I received from last year was way below how well he performed for the test today. He began at level 17 and actually was able to successfully read and comprehend all the books all the way up to level 22. I had to keep giving him these books for him to read to me and answer questions about and he kept scoring out of those levels- which is a very good thing. In order to pass 2nd grade, the students need to be at a level 22. That tells me that according to the Rigby test that he is reading above level.”

Thank you,
Mrs. Amer

After weeks of endless crying nights, not wanting to go to school, and extremely difficult homework struggles, I began looking for a tutor.  I recognized in Kindergarten that my son was having difficulty and I looked into Sylvan Learning Center, Kumon and even working with a Kindergarten teacher for summer help.  While all options were expensive, none of them provided anything unique or extraordinary that I myself couldn't do at home.  I had purchased all the at home solutions you could buy, Hooked on Phonics, ABC Mouse, etc. BUT when the 20's and 30's and Zero test scores started to come home, and the emotional aspect began to take its toll on my son, I knew I needed a specialist and someone who would meet my son's needs and help him beyond what I myself or his teachers could. 

 I found Jamie Bott on the Internet and emailed her.  She was the only tutor I spoke to who does an evaluation and designs a curriculum exclusive to your child's needs.  I knew from my very first phone conversation with her THIS was the tutor for my child and I had to have her! My 7year old son Giovanni has been working with Jamie Bott for 6 months. He started in the middle of 1st grade. Just from the initial evaluation she did with my son I learned so much more about my son that I would not have been able to identify on my own. We began our journey on November 6, 2014. His Rigby was an instructional level 1, and today on May 28, 2015 as I write this Giovanni's Rigby is 16 independent, 17 instructional and 18 frustration...he is on Grade Level!!! - Which is nothing short of amazing!  At our teacher’s conference, my husband and I discussed grade retention with his teacher.  It was clear Giovanni was very far behind his peers and below grade level.  Still we didn't give up, and neither did Jamie Bott... The Zero spelling test scores turned into 90's and 100's.  His reading comprehension tests went from 10's, 20's, 50,s, to 80's, 90's, 100's.  My child was reading! Everything and Anything! Writing, Spelling and the best part was.....His Happiness! No more tears, no more insecurity.  His teacher was sending me notes home and even stopped me at carpool to tell me.  The administration and ESE department at his elementary school are in a state of amazement!  Giovanni now comes home cheerfully telling me about his day and what new things he learned AND what new things he shared with his class because of what he learned from Ms. Jamie.  I don't want you to think this just happened...it didn't just happen.  It took a lot of work on my son's part, dedication and commitment on mine and my husband’s part, experience and love on Ms. Jamie's part!  
There are no words to describe the love and appreciation we have for Jamie Bott.  She has taught my son and given him so much confidence in the past 6 months that I never could have fathomed. My husband and I have also learned so much from our experience and time with her.  She has guided us both and educated us on reading fundamentals, and navigating through the school district and understanding elementary school education and the CORE curriculum so that we can better assist our son and support him throughout his school years.  

Giovanni looks forward to his sessions with Ms. Jamie. It has become a part of his routine and he enjoys going and beating his speed drill times, earning stickers and meeting his goals.  He shows off his sticker chart to relatives and makes a game out of the speed drills by challenging anyone that comes over to race him in a minute!

If you are contemplating hiring a tutor and your child is in need of help I recommend Jamie Bott with the greatest of accolades.  Our journey is not over. Jamie Bott has become an intricate part of our son's education and our family.  I urge any parent who is seeking help and assistance for their child to put your faith in Jamie Bott.  You will not regret it and your child will thank you for it!  Thank you Jamie for being the amazing teacher you are, from the bottom of our hearts you are a blessing to our family!

Laura, Angelo & Giovanni Pallotto
Weston, FL